Offering Legal Resources for Survivors

Stand up against domestic violence in Baton Rouge, LA

Have you been the victim of domestic violence in Baton Rouge, Louisiana or the nearby area? Make sure you get an attorney who can explain your rights and provide sound legal advice. Gregory S. Johnson Attorney at Law works with women, men and children experiencing domestic violence. He has personal experience with these types of cases and will help you explore your options carefully.

You can trust us to advocate effectively on your behalf.

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Protect your family from domestic violence

Leaving an abusive situation is rarely easy or safe. A domestic violence attorney from Gregory S. Johnson Attorney at Law can help you protect…

  • Yourself: Learn how to file a protective order against an abusive partner.
  • Your children: Ask us to negotiate a custody agreement that safeguards the entire family.
  • Your rights: Make sure you understand what your rights are as a parent.

Our extensive experience working with domestic violence survivors has given us unique insight into the law. If you think you need a protective order in the Baton Rouge, LA area, dial 225-478-9478 today.