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Divorce is often much more difficult than simply filing the right paperwork. Gregory S. Johnson Attorney at Law handles a range of divorce-related issues, including child support and custody agreements.

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Leaving an LGBT or covenant marriage?

Leaving an LGBT or covenant marriage?

Not all married couples in Louisiana are eligible for a no-fault divorce. Those married under the state’s covenant marriage laws must live separately for at least one year before seeking a divorce. Even then, a divorce can only be granted if at least one party can prove fault.

While gay and lesbian couples have the same rights to marry as straight couples, they face greater challenges when it comes to…

  • Property division
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony

As you can see, divorce in Louisiana isn’t always a simple matter. A divorce attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana can help guide you through these complicated legal issues. Call 225-478-9478 for a free consultation.

If you’re experiencing domestic abuse in a covenant or traditional marriage, please see our Domestic Violence page for further legal assistance.