Confused About Community Property Law in Baton Rouge, LA?

Gregory S. Johnson Attorney at Law will make it simple

Dissolving a marriage is never easy, even when both parties agree to the separation. That's because dividing assets is a complicated legal matter. Make sure you work with an attorney who understands Baton Rouge, Louisiana's community property law.

Dividing shared marital property, such as your home or pension, can be a legal nightmare without the right help. Gregory S. Johnson Attorney at Law will explain your options clearly and help you make informed decisions about your shared assets.

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Find out what's included in marital property

Shared assets also play a role in determining child and spousal support. A community property law attorney knows how to…

  • Uncover hidden assets, deferred income and other overlooked community property
  • Understand family business spreadsheets, property values, tax statements and financial records
  • Divide debts—including vehicles, real estate and credit card debt—fairly

Attorney Johnson’s undergraduate education in finance makes him particularly knowledgeable in complicated financial matters that affect marital property division.
Learn what counts as marital property in Baton Rouge, LA and the surrounding area by calling 225-478-9478 right away.