Client Testimonials

"A Lawyer Like None Other"

Unfortunately, between my ex-husband and my husband's ex-wife, I have more knowledge of family law and lawyers than I ever wanted to have. Hopefully that gives me some authority when I speak as highly of Mr. Johnson as I do. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable of the law and highly experienced, he also has incredible intuition and common sense. He's shrewd, quick, and able to foresee. He gets good reads on people and calls it like he sees it. In addition to intellect, he's compassionate and kind-a rarity among lawyers. But he is. He just is. He is not motivated by the paycheck, and proves that he wants to do right by his client. He was incredibly generous with us and made it plain as day that helping us was his priority. This just isn't the norm with lawyers.

He's brave in the courtroom and having hired timid lawyers before, let me tell you, this is everything. He's quick on his feet and stands up to judges. He isn't afraid to fight and isn't about to let the opposing counsel ramrod you. It's not that he plays dirty, it's as he'll tell you himself, "understanding the art of Chinese warfare." He does. He knows when, where, and how to strike. It's such a shame to use these terms in reference to family court, but the reality's a terrifying place where fallible people with questionable incentives make life-altering decisions for perfect strangers, holding our lives in the balance, and often to devastating outcomes.

Greg Johnson sees this and is fighting in the side of right. He actually is one of the good guys. I honestly can't recommend him enough. Five stars, 10 outta 10, 60% of the time works 100% of the time (that's an Anchorman joke), simply the best. He's also funny as hell, and highly accessible.

Hire him.


I was very nervous and stressed walking into court. When Greg got there all of that eased. We were able to work with the other party and come to an agreement. Greg and his staff always made me feel at ease and always responded in a timely manner. I was able to get in touch with everyone at his office when needed and all questiones answered to great satisfaction. Greg got me everything I wanted and I left the court house very pleased.


Greg did an excellent job on my divorce. He was very quick to respond and did not try to upsell me or anything like that. His staff was also very efficient. This was such a smooth process because of Greg's help.


Was extremely helpful in answering my questions on ex parte custody. Will use advice given


Greg Johnson is without question one of the most effective and genuine people I have ever met. I was dealing with huge issues and feared deeply for the wellbeing of my child and myself and Greg Johnson made me feel safe for the first time in a long time, he is careful, experienced and honest and from the bottom of his heart a good person motivated by what he believes in. He is not intimidated by challenges and handles them swiftly. All of his staff are friendly and welcoming.

My life has changed. And for anyone out there on the fence about what to do, i strongly recommend just getting a consult to see all your options, there may be more than you know about. All I do know is Greg accomplished for me a peace and stability so quickly and efficiently I never imagined it was even possible.

A Happy Client

Mr. Johnson answered all of my questions and explained what I should expect from the beginning. He helped me feel comfortable knowing he would handle my case. His staff is understanding and kept me informed at all times. I recommend him to avery one who needs assistance.

A Happy Client

Greg did an excellent job in representing me and my son. I now have majority custody and was able to relocate my son to my town of choosing. He was fair with me on pricing and advocated for my son's best interest at all times.
I'd definitely recommend allowing Greg to help you with your legal needs.


Mr. Greg helped me to gain custody of my kids. That's usually unheard of for a man but it happened. I would recommend Mr. Greg to anyone who is dealing with civil issues he is a great guy and affordable as well.


Gregory Johnson is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He is a leader and knows exactley when to be assertive, when to sit back and listen and when to use a little "give and take." He is by far the best family attorney in our area and is willingly to work with the client by allowing flexible payment plans.